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The cost of an Italian wedding is mainly impacted by the wedding venue in Italy you choose.  
  • See "VENUES"  on the main site menu at top of each page  
  • At the top of each venue's page, you will find links to the following costs:
    • Venues  Costs  -   these include:  reception meal prices,  ceremony hosting fee if any
    • Venue Accommodation Costs   -  these include hotel room-rates, villa rental costs, etc
    • Services with  Costs - these include -  town-hall fees,  services prices (flowers, photos, music, etc)
Note:  All taxes and fees are included, except where explicitly stated. 



Room Rebate for Weddings in Italy's Best Kept Secret

In a bid to increase tourism,  the local tourist office in the Coast of Maratea & Cilento  now provides incentives for foreign wedding ceremonies -  making the cost among the lowest in Italy.    SEE LIST OF PARTICIPATING VENUES BELOW.
If you and/or any of your guests book these numbers of rooms on this web site for a minimum of 3 nights each through Slow Dreams. See Notes for conditions This amount will be subtracted from your last payment if requirements have been met
10 to 14 rooms 250 euros
15 to 25 rooms 500 euros
26 to 35 rooms 750 euros
36 to 55 rooms 1000 euros
56 to 70 rooms 1250 euros
More than 70 rooms 1500 euros

 Please read these following  conditions carefully.
  • All bookings for one or more of the hotels or inns listed in this web site apply; e.g., if  you and your guests book in five different hotels or inns which are listed on this site, we will count all rooms in all hotels.  Rooms must be booked and paid through Slow Dreams in full for a minimum of 3 nights
  • Slow Dreams will use the room receipts it has collected from all relevant venues to obtain the subsidy.
  • The subsidy is applied the time of your last payment (that's typically when most room bookings have been confirmed and paid for)
  • Rooms can  be booked and paid for by you or by your guests.
  • Offer not valid in conjunction with any other offer or discount.

Click here for Venues with Rebate.

Click Here Our Fees, Payment Schedule,  Cancellation Policies, etc
Fees & Taxes NOT covered in our detailed costs in this site are:
  • Consulate Fees to Get Approval for Legal Weddings  (NOT symbolic)  -  this must be paid direct to the consulates -  typically these are 100 euros or so -  but check with the consulte - see contact information at bottom of page. 
  • " Room Tax"  - these are paid directly to the hotel at check-out - in general,this is a few Euros per day/ per person.   
  • Music Taxes -  modern music and dancing are taxed (e.g., 2019 costs for DJ & sound system are € 345.00 & Live Music (Band) is € 247.66).   Note:  The Bride & Groom will have to apply for the permit & pay online to the Music Tax office in advance.  Note:   Classical music is NOT taxed.   This site does provide instructions as to how to pay this tax.