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LEGAL Vineyard Weddings in Tuscany, italy 

Located south of Siena, Florence & Pisa,  not far from the sea -  offers the perfect vineyard wedding in Tuscany.    beautiful outdoor and covered patios ideal for weddings. 
Max # people for ceremony 140
Max # people for reception 140 
Min # people for reception 20
Max # people for accommodation 25
Min # people for accommodations all rooms must be booked
Min # days to book 3


General background
From the Etruscans to the Romans, from the Aldobrandeschi to the Medici and Lorraine and the archaeological remains of Roman times, medieval castles and villages bear witness to the history and ancient origins of this land, where different knowledge and cultures have met and merged into perfect harmony. 
Castel di Pietra / Castle Stone 
The legendary and ancient Castel di Pietra rises majestically in the Maremma countryside a few kilometers from the estate. Rich in history and legend, where every year the reenactment of Pia de 'Tolomei, the Sienese noblewoman married to Nello Pannocchieschi who threw himself from the castle ... " remember me, the one who is Pia; Siena made me, Maremma undid me: he knows it, the one who first encircled my finger with his jewel, when he married me. " It is mentioned by Dante in the V Canto of the Purgatory of the Divine Comedy.
The old farm of Casteani
The history of the estate Casteani, known in the past as Podere Casa Fabbri, has ancient roots dating back to around the end of the nineteenth century, when a mining company, the future Montecatini, discovered important lignite and coal deposits underneath the City of Casteani. Evidence of this past activity lies in the North Pond, still present in our property, which served as a ventilation shaft for the underground tunnels dug more than 70 meters deep.
Casa Fabbri housed the director of Montecatini, the farmer and workers who took care of the farm and the large vineyard, even since that time has been thriving and known as “Vignone”. The farm buildings were built according to the traditional standard of Maremma country house: thick walls made with local stone, brick stairs, cisterns to collect water, wood oven, large stables for cows and horses. The recent renovations to the house were carried out using old photos of the place, retaining the same technical and traditional construction methods, as well as maintaining the original style and local characteristics. You can find evidence of that in the names of the rooms: Il Fattore, IL Garzone, Il Bosco.
We hope that the place, the myths and the story of this farm will capture your spirit and intrigue you as they did us. Ours is a land that is still whole and pristine, fragrant and full of life. Here you will experience emotions of times gone by and feel like you are being immersed in history and legend!
 Certified horseriding equestrian centers in the neighbouring area of the Estate with whom we work, organize beautiful and peaceful rides in the heart of Maremma, for days filled with adventure and culture. Daily or weekly trekking available.
We work with the best golf clubs in Tuscany, Golf Club Toscana (The Pelagone), and golf club Punta Ala are just 15 minutes from the Estate.
Golf package available at Tenuta Casteani: to help you reach maximumconcentration, relax in the tranquility of Maremma with a typical dinner of local cuisine with carefully pairing of wines. Visit our winery and vineyards and finally do a wine tasting of the wines ageing in barrels.  Transport service provided from our Wine Resort to the golf courses.
The Maremma is certainly the ideal place to have the opportunity to spend a wonderful holiday and devote yourself to the practice of golf, thanks to the presence of numerous golf clubs to choose from. The views of the Maremma are the perfect setting for a game of golf, choosing from many different locations, from the hills of Saturnia to the Argentario Sea, encompassing some of the most beautiful places in southern Tuscany.
Thermal baths
The strategic position of our property allows you to quickly reach some of the most popular spa towns of the Tuscan Maremma region. 
Natural and artistic parks 
In just 30 minutes you can discover the Uccellina Park, rich in flora and fauna, a beautiful and wild place as well as artistic parks like that of Niki Saint Paul.
Cuisine: The Maremma Flavours 
The many features of Maremma is obviously reflected in its gastronomy, in dishes expertly prepared respecting tradition and honouring the products available locally. The land, before rehabilitation, was deprived and poor, while today it thrives in flavours and fragrances. From the land of hunters come the tastiest recipes based on game: wild boar, hare and pheasant. From the sea of Castiglione della Pescaia comes the fish of the Tirreno with pleasant and subtle flavours. Soups of vegetables such as Maremma tortelli, pappardelle and croutons go in harmony with Maremma olive oil. Delicious cheeses to taste with honey or jams from our hives will make you discover ancient flavours as per the saying "do not let the farmer know how good the taste is of cheese with pears". Excellent  wines  for  which  the  Maremma  has  a  well  deserved  high  quality reputation for red, white and rosé wine.  
Describing Maremma cuisine is like trying to empty a cornucopia: when you think you're done, then you begin once again. Strong flavours evoke distant memories: wrinkled faces of tenacious people, horse carts, and the shouting of cowboys. A soft yet powerful landscape. Land filled with happiness, richness and fragrance. A welcoming landscape just like its inhabitants. Nowadays you can explore  this  area,   blissfully  getting  drunk  on  the  infinite  colours  of  the landscape, breathing that rare fresh and fragrant air, that once tasted remains inside your heart and compels you to return.  We are waiting to give you a bit of our healthy and genuine style of living!
THE SURROUNDING AREA The City Art and museums
If you fancy a little culture, you can visit the many and fascinating medieval towns perched on top of the surrounding hills with their charming villages and Etruscan and Roman castles, or visit the main beautiful cities of Tuscany. Just 15 minutes from us is the charming city of are of Massa Marittima with its museums and art exhibitions. Other unique places, enchanting and full of history await you such as the Abbey of San Galgano. 
The Parco dell 'Uccellina / The Park of the Small Bird
If you have never been this is well worth a visit, and if you have been before it's always nice to go back. It's a hidden corner, a jewel of Tuscany. It's the Maremma Park, better known as' Uccellina Park. It is beautiful in any season, but it is even more so in mild autumn and spring days, when the sun is warm and the fresh air invites you to proceed along the paths. The park of Maremma, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Park of 'Tuscan Archipelago, extends for 25 km along a chain of hills that descend rolling towards the sea, with sandy beaches and towering cliffs. You will find forests, pine forests, clearings, fields and pastures. Among the intense aromas of herbs, colourful berries and animal calls, the park welcomes visitors to come and enjoy her beauty and  wilderness. A melting pot of elements that awakens the soul and opens the mind to the pleasures of this natural paradise. The park is open all year round, every day of the week. Before entering you must purchase tickets at the visitor centers. Tours can be done individually or in a group, with or without a guide accompanying you.
The sea and islands
Just 15-20 minutes away, lies a beautiful clear pristine sea, which washes across the shores of Maremma: from Follonica to Punta Ala to the ancient fishing village of Castiglione della Pescaia, Orbetello to Monte Argentario reaching the Tuscan archipelago with the its beautiful islands: Elba, Giglio and Giannutri.
The fishing villages and ancient harbours, are now modern harbours, offering picturesque scenery as the beautiful sandy strip of pine forest of Marina di Grosseto  reaches Castiglione della Pescaia. With pleasure we can tell you where to find wild coves and beaches with bathing facilities.

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